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Prepare Your Walls

These lining papers are designed to protect and prepare older plaster in good condition for your paint or wallpaper. They are all professional grade, along with some specialist products for heat insulation, warmer walls, damp proofing walls and more...

Lining Papers

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1000 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares older plaster in good condition for paint or wallpaper - will cover and smooth over small defects.

£2.00 Ex VAT: £1.67

1200 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares older plaster in sound condition for paint or wallpaper - will cover and smooth out minor cracks and other defects.

£2.20 Ex VAT: £1.83

1400 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares older plaster in sound condition for paint or wallpaper - will cover and smooth out larger cracks and other defects.

£2.40 Ex VAT: £2.00

1700 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares older and/or damaged plaster for paint or wallpaper - will cover and smooth out areas of damaged and crumbling plaster as well as larger cracks or holes.

£3.65 Ex VAT: £3.04

2000 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares older and/or damaged plaster for paint or wallpaper - an extra thick traditional lining paper that will help to smooth out severely damaged and crumbling surfaces as well as disguising other damage.

£3.95 Ex VAT: £3.29

800 Grade Lining

Protects and prepares new plaster for paint or wallpaper.

£1.40 Ex VAT: £1.17

Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+

Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ is a brand new product that utilizes the natural reflectivity of graphite combined with polystyrene cells to create an effective energy saving insulating wallcovering. It has been approved by the Energy Saving Trust due to its thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. The material is treated with a fire retardant.

Made from a 4mm thick layer of BASF expanded polystyrene, infused with graphite particles and laminated to a reinforced backing, Graphite+ delivers 20% better insulation performance than standard Insulating Lining Paper. This is equivalent to having an extra 26cm of concrete on your walls over and above an insulating lining paper.

The special graphite particles act like thousands of mirrors reflecting radiant heat back into the room and thus reducing heat loss and energy bills. Graphite+ is a paste the wall product which makes it easier use. Furthermore the product is extremely effective in disguising uneven and defective wall surfaces.

£11.90 Ex VAT: £9.92

Insulation Panels

Insulation panels are high density extruded polystyrene panels for the professional delivering a high degree of insulation.

£13.00 Ex VAT: £10.83

Paste The Wall Lining

Very quick and easy to apply using paste the wall technique. provides a degree of surface reinforcement, covers small cracks and defects whilst preparing surfaces for paint or decorative wallpaper including paste the wall types

£3.55 Ex VAT: £2.96

Red Label Heat Saver

Heatsaver is an economical, 2mm thick polystyrene liner containing fire retardants that provides basic insulation as well as combating condensation and mould growth. To create a more durable and smoother surface we recommend the product is overlined; Wallrock is particularly tough and strong.

£3.95 Ex VAT: £3.29

Red Label Insulating Lining Paper 4mm

Insulating paper is 4mm thick providing effective internal wall insulation as well as combating condensation and mould growth. As with ‘Heatsaver’ this product is treated with fire retardant. The product is supplied ready laminated to a reinforced liner for easier handling and to provide a basic surface that it is possible to paint directly although over lining is recommended to achieve a good finish and improve durability of the surface.

£8.15 Ex VAT: £6.79

Tuff Stuff

Paste the wall, 1200 grade reinforced liner for extra durability and reinforcement of walls and ceilings, even those in poor condition.

£5.99 Ex VAT: £4.99

Wallrock A50 Liner

A unique lining material, very thin but very strong, for external or internal use. Supplied in economical 1m x 50m rolls. For external use the product can be used to reinforce a range of finishes by application directly onto a layer of wet masonry paint or a suitable layer of external adhesive before adding a top coat of paint.
For internal use the product is an excellent answer to preventing the re-appearance of cracks in otherwise sound plaster-work. Simply paste the wall and apply the product directly to the wall or ceiling. Joints can be butt jointed or spliced.

£36.95 Ex VAT: £30.79

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300

Wallrock Cosy Liner is part of the Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range.
Cosy liner is the junior member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range being 1mm in thickness but still offers worthwhile energy savings as well as the ability to cover and reinforce poor plaster and other surfaces. All Wallrock Thermally Efficient wallpapers work to save energy from the moment heating is turned on by slowing down the rate at which a cold walls soak up heat energy - and allowing the room to warm up considerably faster creating a comfortable room environment with less energy. This effect is valuable in any home with solid walls and even those with external or cavity insulation - especially where the heating is regularly turned on and off. Once the room is warmed up and comfortable, Cosy liner goes on working producing steady energy savings.

£28.96 Ex VAT: £24.13

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic is a completely new, technically superior, zero paper content, zero tar content product to our original Wallrock Dampstop, available at a very competitve price.

£7.90 Ex VAT: £6.58

Wallrock Fibreliner 150

This is a no nonsense paper, strong, durable and easy to hang it is suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls. Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and because of its class leading strength it will help to reinforce your wall surface. Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more.

£7.06 Ex VAT: £5.88


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