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Decosa Adhesive

An alternative adhesive for application of polystyrene insulation products. Protect and prepares older and/or damaged plaster for paint or wallpaper - will cover and smooth out areas of damaged and crumbling plaster as well as larger cracks or holes.

£3.80 Ex VAT: £3.17

Erfurt Mav Easy Paste Ready Mixed

High quality ready mixed adhesive formulated for use with generic wallpapers and lining papers etc, saving you time and money the moment you start work.

£4.96 Ex VAT: £4.13

Erfurt MAV Multipurpose Flake Adhesive Sachets

All purpose flake adhesive - high quality multi purpose flake adhesive featuring rapid mixing, even consistency, mould resistance and high bond strength. (Available in 5 and 10 roll sachets as well as a Trade Box containing 3 x 10 roll sachets.)

£1.28 Ex VAT: £1.07

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic is a completely new, technically superior, zero paper content, zero tar content product to our original Wallrock Dampstop, available at a very competitve price.

£7.90 Ex VAT: £6.58

Wallrock Power Adhesive

Wallrock Power adhesive is a technically advanced, high performance ready mixed adhesive that offers excellent bond quality and ease of use, ideal for use with Wallrock liners and most other wallcoverings.

£9.95 Ex VAT: £8.29

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

The only adhesive we recommend to hang the Wallrock thermally efficient wall coverings. Its amazing strength and unique formulation using filler compounds helps repair cracked and damaged walls and ensure straight forward reliable application every time. Also recommended for our range of polystyrene insulation products and sound insulation products.

£12.90 Ex VAT: £10.75