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Prepare Your Walls

These lining papers are designed to protect and prepare older plaster in good condition for your paint or wallpaper. They are all professional grade, along with some specialist products for heat insulation, warmer walls, damp proofing walls and more...

Professional Insulation Panels Insulation panels are high density extruded polystyrene panels for the professional delivering a hig.. Product #: Insulation Panels based on 0 reviews Regular price: $10.79 $10.79 10
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Insulation panels are high density extruded polystyrene panels for the professional delivering a high degree of insulation.

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Insulation panels are high density extruded polystyrene panels for the professional delivering a high degree of insulation.


  • 7mm thick, high density extruded polystyrene
  • reduces heat loss through walls by up to 28%
  • reduced warm up times
  • covers cracks and imperfections
  • manufactured with recycled polystyrene
  • quick and easy to apply
  • primed surface ready for immediate decoration
  • suitable for paint, lining paper or tiles
  • fire rated


Coverage Roll Length Roll Width
4m2 1m single 0.5m

Match Type: Free Match
Suitability: Walls & Ceilings

Recommended Paste

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Dimensions 50cm x 1m single
Coverage 4m2
Match Type Free Match
Material High density extruded polystyrene panels
Additional Information
Suitability Walls and Ceilings
Recommended Paste Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

How to Apply-

1. Surfaces to which the panels are to be applied need to be firm, clean and dry. For optimum bonding porous surfaces should be sized with PVA bond and glossy surfaces roughened with sand paper.
2. Apply the Thermal adhesive evenly to the wall with an adhesive roller, brush or spatula. Typical paste consumption should be 0.5kg per m2, more on particularly poor or uneven surfaces - less on surfaces in good condition.
3. If the wall is uneven apply the first tile to the highest area to allow the leveling of subsequent tiles.
4. Apply adhesive over an area sufficient for one tile at a time initially until you are confident with the application process.
5. The grey side of the tile should be applied to the wall.
6. Use a rubber roller or similar to apply pressure to the surface ensuring an even bond.
7. Level panels to one another with the aid of a straight edge.
8. Panels can be trimmed with a craft knife where necessary in corners and around other features.
9. Drying can take up to 48 hours depending on ambient temperatures, humidity and depth of adhesive.
10. Once dry joints can be filled with proprietary solvent free filler or the Thermal adhesive can be used as a filler on small imperfections.
11. The panels are then ready for subsequent decoration without the need for surface priming.
12. If painting use a water based paint, in any event
we recommend testing on a small area first.
13. When applying wallpaper we recommend preparation with a strong lining paper first such as Wallrock Fibreliner applied with a good quality ready mixed adhesive to provide
a superior bond.
14. When applying tiles use a standard solvent free tile adhesive and follow the manufacturers instructions.

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