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Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth 150

Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth 150 gives the finish you need to bring your walls back to life.


It has all the same qualities and tech as the original Wallrock Fibreliner, but includes a silky smooth surface offering another superb choice of finish.

This smooth finish provides the ideal base for paint, while its strength, durability and tech, help disguise imperfections with plaster and other problematic areas.

As a paste the wall option, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth can be applied more quickly, saving you time, and with wider rolls there are fewer joints, leaving a great, smooth finish.

The perfect wall covering for plasterboard that hasn’t been skimmed, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth’s tech also saves you time on preparation work. Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth can also be applied over other wall hangings to create your ideal finish.

We recommend you use Wallrock Power Adhesive to help ensure a problem free application.

Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth – at a glance

  • Paste the wall or the paper
  • Saves on time and preparation
  • Reliable – stays put with minimal shrinkage or expansion
  • Strength and durability
  • Disguises imperfections
  • Excellent surface for paint or paper
  • Reinforces walls and ceilings
  • Allows walls to breathe
  • Contains no PVC
  • Uses paper from well-managed source
  • Fire rated B-s1,d0

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