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Professional Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ is a brand new product that utilizes the natural reflectivity of g.. Product #: Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ based on 0 reviews Regular price: $9.92 $9.92 In Stock
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Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ is a new product that utilities the natural reflectivity of graphite combined with polystyrene cells to create effective energy saving, insulating wall covering. The material is treated with a fire retardant. Made from a 4mm thick layer of BASF expanded polystyrene, infused with graphite particles and laminated to a reinforced backing paper, Graphite+ delivers 20% better insulation performance than standard Insulating Lining Paper. This is equivalent to having an extra 26cm of concrete on your walls over and above an insulating lining paper. The special graphite particles act like thousands of mirrors reflecting radiant heat back into the room and thus reducing losses and energy bills. Graphite+ is a paste the wall product which makes it easier to use. Furthermore the product is extremely effective in disguising uneven and defective wall surfaces.


  • 4mm polystyrene with graphite components
  • laminated to a 'ready to go' quality lining
  • added graphite components increase heat saving properties by up to 20%
  • improved material stability and strength
  • combats mould and damp formation for a healthier home
  • twice as thick as regular polystyrene wall veneers
  • quick and effective insulation of inside walls
  • reduces external noise pollution
  • cfc free
  • fire rated


Coverage Roll Length Roll Width
5m2 10m single 0.5m

Match Type: Free Match
Suitability: Walls & Ceilings

Recommended Paste

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Dimensions 50cm x 10m single
Coverage 5m2
Match Type Free Match
Material 4mm thick layer of BSAF expanded polystyrene infused with graphite particles and laminated to a reinforced backing paper
Additional Information
Suitability Walls and Ceilings
Recommended Paste Wallrock Thermal Liner

Tips to achieve a perfect finish with Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+
1.    Ensure that base surfaces are clean, dry, firm and free from any loose or flaking material.

2.    Apply the adhesive generously to the wall using a roller. As a guide we recommend up to 2.5Kg of paste per roll, more if the base surface is uneven or textured, where it is especially important to apply a thick bed of adhesive. Cover an area sufficient to apply one length of Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ at a time ensuring the pasted area exceeds the width of the Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+. Use a brush or spatula to apply adhesive to areas the roller cannot reach.
3a. When applying with standard Thermal Liner Adhesive it is recommended that the expanded polystyrene side is applied to the wall leaving  the reinforced surface facing out. Apply directly from the roll or apply pre-cut lengths to the wall. Smooth down carefully with a decorators spatula, roller or similar. Tip: Laying out pre cut lengths overnight will reduce the curling in the product making it easier to hang.
3b. If using in conjunction with Wallrock Fireliner and Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive it is essential that the product is applied with the reinforced surface to the wall. Apply directly from the roll or apply pre-cut lengths to the wall. Smooth down carefully with a decorators spatula, roller or similar. Tip: Laying out pre cut lengths overnight will reduce the curling in the product making it easier to hang.
4.    Cut off any excess material at the ceiling, floors and corners using a trimming knife in combination with a forming board. On external corners the exposed edge of the material can be filled and sanded with flexible filler to give a neat finish.
5.    Allow 48 hours for drying, longer if conditions are especially humid or cold. We also recommend that Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ is allowed to dry naturally and therefore recommend that heating is turned off whilst the wall-covering adhesive dries out, unless ambient temperatures are likely to drop below 10°c/50°F.
6.    Any small gaps at seams and corners can be filled with flexible filler, or with the Wallrock Adhesive.
7.    We strongly recommend that the surface is lined with either Wallrock Fibreliner or Wallrock Fireliner. These products are very strong, durable, dimensionally stable and will improve the overall appearance of the surface. In the case of Wallrock Fireliner there is the added benefit of improved fire resistance performance. Please also see further information on adhesives below.

We recommend Wallrock Thermal Adhesive for application of this product or other solvent free adhesives suitable for hanging polystyrene veneers. However, we cannot unfortunately accept responsibility for adhesion problems when an adhesive other than Wallrock Thermal Adhesive has been used.
When the product is being used in combination with Wallrock Fireliner it is important that Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive is used both to hang the Insulating Lining Paper and Wallrock Fireliner if the best fire protection is required.
When overhanging, we strongly recommend the use of a ready mixed adhesive suitable for heavy weight wallcoverings, applied to the manufacturers instructions. We recommend our Wallrock Power Adhesive. Please note that some modern flake adhesives are high alkali which can cause delamination problems and therefore should not be used with this product.

Inspect rolls carefully before beginning as we cannot accept claims for consequential loss in respect of any defects apparent prior to hanging. Every effort is made to ensure all rolls reach you in perfect condition, but faults can occur from time to time. Please retain all labels until the project is complete and you are satisfied with the results - we will require them in the unlikely event you encounter a problem we recommend that after hanging no more than 2 lengths, the result is inspected before continuing.
When overhanging with Wallrock Fireliner use Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive throughout the process both for hanging the Graphite+ and the Fireliner to achieve the best fire resistance. Using other adhesives may reduce the fire resistance.

Important Safety Information
Surfaces painted prior to 1960 may contain lead pigments and special precautions should be taken when preparing these surfaces. This product is suitable as a localised ‘problem solver’ for cold external walls, we recommend that if the product is being used extensively then it is used in combination with our Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive and Wallrock Fireliner products that increase the fire resistance of the product to BS Class 1*.
We do not recommended this product is used for projects such as new builds and extensions where buildings regulations are applicable without ensuring the insulation properties and fire performance meet regulations.

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